Tiling Ruse Mramor LTD was founded in December 2005, in the city of Rousse, Bulgaria.

Our mission is to provide our customers superior products and quality services, tailored to their needs and desires, while trying to support their choices based on our long experience.

About us

Tiling Ruse Mramor ltd is a company established in December 2005 and since its foundation seeks to provide high quality natural stone products and services tailored to individual requirements of our clients. Our team consists of engineers and technicians, specialists and workers with experience in the implementation of coverings, who have been with us since the establishment of the company. In our showroom in town Ruse you can find a variety of over 60 natural stone materials – marble, granite, limestone, gneiss, travertine and onyx from Bulgaria, Greece, India, Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Italy and China.